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Get to know our origins 

Prevail contracting, originally named Prevail Painting, was created by Gabriel Regalado and Harald Valentiner in the early months of 2017. After working for 2 years for another painting company and having been offered a managerial position to run the franchise, they decided to take the risk and start a new adventure by creating their own business. We can proudly say that after many years of providing quality painting services, we have grown from a two men show to having a whole team, from 2 car size home garage to an office and storage space, from an old minivan to multiple vehicles, and from 2 people growing our family almost 5 times more.


To improve our customers quality of life starting from their home or their business while also providing our team with new opportunities to learn and grow as a professional and as a person 


To establish Prevail Painting  as the premium, biggest, and best known painting company in Kamloops and British Columbia while maintaining our principles, growth and creating opportunities for our team




  • Formal Education: Bachelor of Business Administration. TRU class of 2019 

  • Training: Leadership, sales, branding 

  • Painting experience: 10 years and counting. 

  • Hobbies: camping, exploring, snowboarding


Gabriel is in charge of all the sales for the business and making sure we are providing the best service and value to all our customers. He also oversees marketing and is in charge of the future planning of the company. You will see him when you request a free quote and driving around town with his dog “Kiara”



  • Formal Education: Bachelor of Tourism and entrepreneurship. TRU class of 2018.

  • Painting experience: 10 years and counting. 

  • Hobbies: Fishing, camping and disc golf.


Harald is the head of production, so he is always making sure that all projects are completed up to our high standards. He is also in charge of all the training for our staff and he makes sure that we always have the proper equipment and supplies. You will see him at your home ensuring you are 100% happy with our work


Stefano rosales

  • Formal Education: Bachelor of Business administration. TRU class of 2022 (Marketing and supply chain management). 

  • Training: Digital marketing, google adds, Business logistics

  • Painting experience: 5 years and counting. 

  • Hobbies: Basketball, camping, outdoor activities


Stefano is the oldest Prevail Painting member of the team, he started many years ago as a painter and has quickly climbed the ladder to become an invaluable asset of the team, he makes sure that everything runs smoothly on the back end, and he is in charge of all the logistics of our day to day, and of the future planning of the company. He will ensure everything in your project is ready prior to starting setting it up for success.


Raul regalado

  • Formal Education: Digital design. VCAD class of 2017 

  • Training: Computer hardware and software, digital marketing

  • Experience: 8 years and counting. 

  • Hobbies: Drawing, outdoor activities


Raul is the brains behind our social media. He is in charge of filming, editing, producing  and posting content for our audience. He has become an asset to the company making sure to keep Prevail's social media running with content everyday!

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